Vertex 06/17

    Good Morning,

    We took the Vertex #6/17 update but I am having difficulty valdiating the new threshold for the Flex Spending Account.  I have removed the annual limit (ADL) from both PDBA Setup and in Employee Instructions, but it still does not cap it at $2600 as expected.  Does anyone knwo what I'm missing?

    Thank you,

    Cari Phillips

    El Paso County


    Hi - I'm assuming that you have the US Leg set at 125 FSA.  Without the ADL, in my past experience, JDE will continue to deduct however it deducts the amount beyond the $2600 after tax.  In addition, OTOs override everything so testing must be done with the amount in the DBA Instruction.  Are any of these your issue?  Keep us posted - thanks!



    US Leg is set to 125 FSA.  Yes, I realized OTOs were not the
    answer so I handled it via DBA Instructions.  When I have an
    amount in ADL, it caps it.  Otherwise, it exceed the
    threshold.  I guess maybe I’m just not fully understanding why
    I even needed to take the update when it doesn’t actually cap




    We use the setup at the PDBA level that Nancy mentioned -we do not add the annual limit at the setup level. We  place the employee's annual amount  in the Amount due column at the employee DBA instruction level -which does not exceed 2600.00

    Hi - So did you do a Tax Reconciliation of the payment without the ADL and with the ADL?  I would assume that without the ADL, the amount deducted was greater than with the ADL however Taxable Wages were the same under both setup.  Is that what you are experiencing?  If so, JDE is calculating as it always has.  You are correct that you are accomplishing more by putting in the ADL (since it is actually stopping the deduction instead of just the taxability of it).  As far as taking the code, you are now 'code current' and therefore one step ahead of JDE just in case you need to open an incident with support!


    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your responses.  It was user error on my part.  I was thinking it would cap it at $2600 without using ADL but realize it just changes the taxibility.  It is correctly taxing all amounts > $2600 as expected.  Nancy, you are the one who got my brain on the right track so extra thanks to you!!!


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