W2-Corrections Process Assistance in E1

    We need to run a W2-C for the first time ever in E1 and are looking for a source that has a script, UPK, or whitepaper for this process.

    We are using EnterpriseOne 9.1 Apps and Tools with BI Embedded for the form.

    We have read through the Year-End Processing Guide and several Q&A's and have not found a complete process. There is definitely a piece missing in the steps we've tried. We have printed with the date and had our payroll team make the changes to Wages and Taxes. Still the W2-C will not produce.

    Can anyone assist us?  Thank you!

    Hello SuzAnne - We are in the same boat as we have never had to file a corrected W2.  This year because of the file date changes, we expected to be in this situation but it has not happened.  I would greatly apprecaiate any information you might receive from other JDE Users.  Thanks and I hope you are able to make it work, Jeff  [email protected]


    have not sent any official W-2c forms this year, but our Financial
    Business Analyst was able to successfully get them to work in
    test.  She said she’ll replicate it and send me the
    instructions to share.  She agrees the documentation is
    incomplete so she had to stumble through it herself to get it to





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    Hi SuzAnne, Did you find this document on My Oracle Support, Doc ID 1935464.1?

    Thank you! This looks like what we were missing as we were using a newer Q&A for directions. Can you tell me whether we should use the W2-C form from the list of forms or will the process change the W2 into a W2-C when we enter the corrected taxable wage and tax withheld info?  Thank you!

    Hi SuzAnne,

    There a specific versioon for printing W2-C's. You will need to access report set up  an add the W2 C version


    Suzanne:  In addition to what Sherri noted on adding the report to report setup of the W2 version you are running; Assure the type of run is a 2 for changes only and select the address numbers instead of the company or EIN in the selection on additional parameters to limit it to only those records that changed. The data will not change in the workfile just by changing the history files, Changes only requires being run after you make those history changes and have a print date is on the W2 report setup.


    As promised, here are the instructions my colleage created.  Please let me know if you have questions.

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