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    Using Component Interface (CI) for mass hire?


    Our HR department manually enters all of our new hire information into PeopleSoft today.  I've recently been asked to find a way to "mass hire" between 300-500 employees.  I've found a bit of documentation that indicates that it's possible to use CI for new hires (a combination of CI_PERSONAL_DATA and CI_JOB_DATA or CI_JOB_DATA_EMP).  However, some of this documentation implies that this is not a good solution for "mass hires" since those components are so complex.  We also have a relatively high number of customizations, particularly around the Job Data records/pages.

    I've also found a lot of information related to Template Based Hires.  This may be something that we'll look into down the road, but for this specific issue (mass hire 300 employees), I don't know that it's a good solution.

    I'm curious as to whether anyone has had success using CI (or some other process) to perform mass hires.  Any advice would be appreciated.  We are running HCM 9.2 on PT 8.54, with Core HR, Payroll for North America, Automated Benefits, and other add-on modules.

    Thanks in advance.

    We have used it for new hires.  We loaded about 150 employees with an aquisition.  We are on HCM 9.1, PT 8.54 with Core HR, Payroll Interface, Automated Benefits and others modules.  We do not have customizations in Job Data. We ran two separate CI's; one for personal data information (collection = CI_PERSONAL_DATA)  and one for job data (collection = CI_JOB_DATA_EMP).   These are big data files and take some time to run, we had to play with the chunking factor to help with timing out issues.  Let me know if I can answer more questions.

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