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    Import list of values into data selection

    There are enhancement requests on MOS and here at Quest for the ability to import a list of values into the data selection.

    As a workaround, our partner is suggesting a 3rd-party tool - see

    Anyone have experience using this tool?


    @Jim Demes I have used that add on from chrome and the one for internet explorer and is has certain conditions on where it can be used. It only work using data selection options were you select "literal" when processing several documents and you have to careful where you try to access by doing the right click the option.

    Arben and John - thank you both for your replies.  It appears that the tool can be used for either IE or Chrome.

    In my post, I should have specified two things:

    1. While the tool could be used to insert data selection for non-updating reports, I agree there are better reporting packages to access JDE data.  The use case I was thinking of was for UBEs that update data (e.g. R01490 Global Category Code Update)

    2. I was intrigued by the tool because it could be used by our non-technical users and would not require any development work (and all the red tape approvals and project prioritization that goes along with that)



    We did look briefly at the tool you mentioned but our older tools release prevented us from using Chrome. sad

    The request started from our costing department who need to roll costs for all items using a particular raw material. The would export a where used than wanted to paste all the finished goods in the cost roll data selection. As a work around I implemented RUNUBEXML which allowed me to use ERW/FDA to build dynamic data selection.

    If that sounds like it could work for you search the Quest site for RUNUBEXML or let me know and I will send you the presentation.

    Good luck,

    John Howe

    Hi Jim -

    Looking at this tool, it seems like you looking for an easier way to query his ERP data via the front end (JDE doesn’t allow us to mass add list of values in data selection).  The chrome add-on will allow you to import list of values in data selection with one click (solving the issue).

    I think the deeper issue is how to efficiently access JDE data.  The front end is not very flexible and a bit clunky.  My team has developed an alternative approach to reporting JDE data.  They effectively transform JDE’s transactional, cryptic data structure into a business friendly, self-service platform that works pretty well. Users are able to slice their data and effectively answer the business questions they are trying to ask the JD Edwards ERP. I've attached an example if you want to take a look.

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