Critical Spares

    Does anyone know if there's a method to identify an item as a "critical spare"? I haven't seen anything but there's a lot I don't know


    Good info thanks.

    Darren,  just as Steve has described, we have used the "user defined fields" to classify critical spares. We did not want to re categorize items or create an identical item for emergency use, the only problem with this method is you have to manually monitor the items.


    Thanks for the response. I'm
    kicking around the idea of simply creating a new Inv_item_type and
    tracking them that way. Darren

    Hi Darren,

    You weren't specific about exactly how a "critical spare" flag would be used for in your environment, so it is difficult to be 100% sure how to answer your question.  There is no field on the Item Master that indicates such a thing.  It should certainly be possible to use one of the Custom fields on the Item Master for this purpose, but it could used for information only unless further work was done to create some reporting or other system logic that would make use of that field.  In case you are not familiar with the Custom Fields, I'm attaching a screen shot showing the page where these can be used.  These fields are not used by PeopleSoft for anything other than being displayed on this page.  They are designed to be used when there is a need for additional item categorization that is needed by a user when PeopleSoft does not provide the specific field that is needed. 

    If you can provide more details on exactly what you like to do with items that were flagged as "critical spares" then I might be able to provide some additoinal thoughts.

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