HRIS Structure

    Hello. We are interested in hearing how other HRIS/HR Technology departments are structured, team roles/responsibilities, systems/applications supported, etc. Any information you can provide will be helpful.

    For example, regarding your HRIS department:

    1. What is the size of your company and what is the size of your HRIS team? What are your team roles/responsibilities? Can you share your job descriptions?

    2. What is the department's reporting structure and does HRIS report up to HR, IT, or both? Can you shareyour org chart?

    3. What systems/apps do you support – Core HR, Comp, Benefits, Employee Relations, Leave Mgmt, Worker's Comp,Education/Training, Recruiting, Payroll, Time/Labor, Staff Scheduling, Service Mgmt, etc.?

    4. Can you share your service-level agreements?

    5. What project management methodology do you use – agile, waterfall, etc.?

    6. Do you have multiple teams -- for example, one team for project work and one team for day-to-day operations?

    7. What type of day-to-day operations/processes is HRIS responsible for?

    8. Who/what area processes your payroll -- HR, Finance?

    9. Is your HRIS department considered a strategic partner? Are they part of the vision/strategy or generally involved at point of execution?

    Thanks for your input.

    Melissa P. Bartlett

    Manager | HR Information Services

    Novant Health

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