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    Impact of Edge Browser Upgrade on the Interaction HUB running on PeopleTools 8.59

    I am writing to you today to share some information about the recent Microsoft Edge browser upgrade to version 119.x on Friday, 11/03. Since this upgrade, we have been receiving sporadic blank page issues during login from some of our users when they try to login to Interaction HUB. Additionally, some users are getting error messages when they try to open content provider sites from Interaction HUB. We have opened high priority tickets with both Microsoft and Oracle for a resolution.

    Oracle has recommended applying the following fix: E-PIA: Chrome/Edge Browser error "Blocked a frame with origin https:// from accessing a cross-origin frame." (Doc ID 2874480.1). After applying this fix, the original errors have been corrected except for some users, for whom we had to clear the browser cache and restart the browsers. However, we are in the middle of Open enrollments, and the user complaint volume is much higher than usual.

    We are considering changing the browser cache location at the web profile level to eliminate the cache clear complaints. We have also noticed that the application server compute resource utilization is spiking since we applied the Oracle fix. It seems that these issues are limited to customers using Interaction HUB. I would like to know if any of you are experiencing these issues and, if so, I would like to hear from you. I would also appreciate talking to you about your experience dealing with the situation.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Madhu Narne
    iSynergy ERP IT Manager | AdventHealth Information Technology
    407-357-3702 (W)

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