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    Voucher Workflow Functionality in PS 9.2/PT 8.55

    Upgrading to PS9.2/PT8.55

    We have not yet designed our voucher workflow.  I would like to hear about your experiences and get your suggestions about "things to avoid", "bugs in workflow", "time-consuming design tasks", "routing issues", "workarounds", etc..  Of course, I would also like to hear about your wins with voucher workflow.

    Here is what we are trying to achieve (very high level):

    • Scan invoices on the front-end

    • Attach scan to the voucher (saved draft) and send through workflow

    • Approvers would have ability to comment/edit/approve/reject with AP having final approval

    • Audit trail should be available and kept with voucher permanently

    I am particularly interested in the ability to permantently link the scanned image with the voucher and the flexibility of "marking up" the image.  When we get our paper invoices back after they have been signed.  They usually have costs crossed off and other handwritten notes.

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

    We use the Approval Framework method and it works really well.  Users do not have the ability to edit but can deny with comments for AP to make updates and route back for approval.   PS keep a record of the approval workflow for audit.

    We use a 3rd party application (ONBASE) for our document retention and that is linked to PeopleSoft so that users can access the image via PeopleSoft.  We have the ability to add notes to the image.

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