Oracle 19c APEX New Feature

    Improved Create Application Wizard

    The updated Create Application Wizard features a new low-code approach to creating applications and simpler, modernized wizards for creating applications.

    The Create Application Wizard now supports the ability to create advanced pages such as Dashboards and Master-Detail. The wizard also supports adding common frameworks or "Features" when creating an application such as access control, activity reporting, or theme selection. In addition, the revamped wizard supports the ability to customize user interface options such as Theme Style, the application icon, and page icons.

    You also have the ability to refine a previous wizard definition by going back into the Create Application Wizard and retrieving the definition from a previous wizard (or blueprint) and then update the definitions and regenerate another application.

    REST Enabled SQL Support

    You can easily create REST enabled SQL references by defining a name, the endpoint URL, and authentication information within shared components.

    Oracle Application Express passes the SQL or PL/SQL query to ORDS over REST returning a self-describing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) response. The JSON object contains result set metadata, the result data, and pagination details. REST enabled SQL references are used as the basis for all report types, such as interactive reports and classic reports, but not interactive grid regions. References can also be used with calendars, Oracle JET Data Visualization components (JET charts), trees, and PL/SQL processes.

    Each SQL statement defines Oracle Database links and work over SQL*Net (or over the internet in cloud environments), and must open a session within the remote database for each SQL or PL/SQL executed. By contrast, REST enabled SQL references are defined at the Oracle Application Express workspace-level, and work with JSON over HTTP and HTTPS, which makes them easy to use in cloud environments or over the internet. References can also scale significantly better since ORDS utilizes a connection pool on the remote database.

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