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    NVision Creation and Drilldown on 32 BIT Office

    We are in the process of upgrading to PT 8.55 and FIN 9.2, and have been told that we need 64 bit Office to create or edit nVision layouts.  We thought of a workaround using virtual computers that will have the 64 bit access.  Judging by the comments posts before, I gather this will work.  My question is:  Will all end-users need this virtual access in order to drilldown on an nVision layout?  Our Project Managers will need to drilldown to a transactional level.

    We are currently on PT 8.54.14 and use virtual machines for the creation and editing of nVision layouts as we only have a small group of folks that are authorized for that.  We currently have all drilling on the web.

    Hello Jeff

    Happy to share what I know with you. Please feel free to call me at 925.924.1403 or email me at

    Hi Arvind,

    What was the specific performance degradation they saw?  We're currently on v9.2 upgrading from PT 8.53 to 8.55.10 and upgrading our PT client users laptops(Win7 64bit OS) to MS Office 2013 64bit(from MS Office v2010 32bit).  We had issues running nVision reports online with multiple tabs with macro's and had to adjust.

    As Dohn said, if you can convert to web drilling, then you can restrict the access to 2-tier. If you cannot do that right away for business reasons, then you can consider deploying the 2-tier client on Citrix and giving users access to run nVision drilldowns there.

    Watch out for nVision performance though with the Tools upgrade and change to 64 bit. One of our customers recently experience some severe performance degradation which was solved but it can be avoided with a little bit of upfront investment.

    We are also upgrading to PT 8.55 and FIN 9.2 and have found that the webdrills also require 64-bit and will be moving those users to virtual machines when we go live.

    Depends on if you plan to do web drilling or 2 tier based drilling.  We converted everything to web drilling to avoid this very problem.  If you do all drilling through 2 tier, then I think they will need access to your virtual environment.

    For users that edit or create NVision, we provided them with a virtual machine built with 64 bit tools to allow them to continue creating.

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