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    We are in the beginning stages of considering ways to purge and archive JDE data. Our application level is EnterpriseOne 9.2, and Tools Release but testing an upgrade to TR

    I’m especially interested in hearing how other companies purge and archive JDE data. I recently saw a demo for Purge-it that was quite impressive. Is there a comparable product? What other software is used to purge and/or archive JDE data? What’s been the product’s main strengths and shortcomings in your experience?

    Appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you,
    Connie Duger

    @Mark Davidson
    Thank you for your comments! That definitely helps!

    It’s great to get feedback from someone that’s using Purge-it. Based on the demo, I especially like the simplicity of it. That it runs under the JDE toolset, it’s on the JDE menus, the module purge/archive jobs are all similar, and yes, the UNDO, a great safety net! How long did it take for your company to be up and running with Purge-it?

    If you get a moment, can you tell me a couple of ways Arctools differs from Purge-it? Is it integrated with JDE like Purge-it? Although Purge-it looks like it's going to be hard to top, I’ve been tasked with researching different methodologies and your response has given me another avenue to investigate.

    @Connie Duger
    We evaluated a few archive/purge solutions including Arctools and Purge-it. We ended up picking Purge-it and were very happy with the results. The product is very robust, the people are great to work with and it's very easy to "undo" archiving if that becomes necessary. We were running 9.2 TR at the time we did our initial archiving. Hope this helps.

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