Business Unit

    Business Unit:
    Define business unit of an enterprise to perform one or many business functions that can be rolled up in a management hierarchy. Or a business unit typically performs one or many business functions and has a specific place in the organization hierarchy. If we install Oracle sales cloud service then we can able to create a single Business Unit. We can define additional business units in as needed.
    Business Unit is going to describe the business functions. What are all the modules we have to use with the particular business unit. For example, whatever we are going to do receiving or we are going to use manufacturing the particular business unit.
    A business unit can make process transactions on behalf of many legal entities and post transactions to its own primary ledger.
    Segment transactional data from other business units. For example, if you run your Sales business separately from your Marketing business, you segment the Sales business data to prevent access by the Marketing employees. Report on transactions.

    Create Business Unit:
    Before we create the business unit we need to create implementation project or we may select the existing implementation project. To create or select the implementation project we should go to the Setup and Maintenance link.
    The below screen I have selected one project and type the keyword ‘%Business%unit%’ and search it

    After we search business unit in the task field then we will get a screen like this. And we should select the row Manage Business Units for Product Management highlighted below

    After selected particular row will get a screen like below. And we should the arrow Define Business Units for Product Management -> select Manage Business Unit to go to task (->) button.

    If a manager wants to assign the task to SCM person or any other person then, he can able to assign to the relevant person. For assign to task to assign to another person we should select the Manage Business Unit and select the Assign Task button. On click of the assign task button will get the screen like below:

    This screen and next screen is the assign tasks to another person

    Once we are creating and assigning business units then we have to assign the functions to the business unit.
    We should select Assign Business Unit Business Function and click the go to task button highlighted in the image. In the below screen we should select ‘Assign Business Unit Business Function’ and select Business Unit as ‘Select and Add’ and click the Apply and Go to Task button.

    In the below screen we should enter the corresponding business unit name and select it and click the save and close button.

    In Assign Business Functions screen we can assign the business functions to the business unit.
    What are all the functions we have added here that functions only we can able to do with the business unit. Otherwise, we cannot able to do any actions with the functions. Only added function we can able to view in the business unit. The fields Primary Ledger and Legal Entity are mandatory.

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