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    Company Name Field (NAME) length increase from current 30 characters

    We quite often have real legal entity names that are longer than the 30-character limit that JDE allows.

    Any possibility for change data dictionary item NAME allowed length increase from 30 characters or any other alternative way to store more characters for Company Name.

    @Srini Bellam Have you considered using Who's Who (P0111)? We utilize an assembled string of the fields available within Who's Who, where longer names are typed 'across' the fields. This method yields a means to store greater than 100-character names, such as DBA's (Doing Business As).

    Hii @Srini Bellam

    In JDE (JD Edwards EnterpriseOne), the data dictionary item "NAME" has a character limit of 30 characters. If you frequently encounter legal entity names that exceed this limit, there are a few possible solutions or alternatives you can consider:

    Abbreviation or Acronym: One option is to use an abbreviation or acronym for the legal entity name. This allows you to fit within the 30-character limit while still retaining the essential identification of the entity. However, this approach may not be suitable if the full legal entity name is required in certain contexts.

    Concatenation: If the legal entity name consists of multiple parts, you can consider concatenating the relevant portions into a single string. By combining different elements of the name, you can create a shorter representation that fits within the character limit. Again, this approach might not be ideal if you need to preserve the exact original name.

    Custom Extension: Depending on the flexibility and customization options provided by JDE, you might be able to extend or modify the data dictionary to accommodate longer entity names. However, this approach would require customization work and may have implications for the system's overall functionality and compatibility with future updates.

    External Mapping: Instead of storing the complete legal entity name within JDE, you can maintain a separate mapping or reference table that associates the entity's ID or code with its full name. This way, you can store the longer name outside of JDE and retrieve it when needed through the mapping table. However, this approach adds complexity to data retrieval and requires careful management of the mapping table. you can also check this: aws sysops course

    It's essential to assess the specific requirements and constraints of your JDE implementation and consult with your technical team or JDE support to determine the most suitable solution for your situation. They will have a better understanding of the system's capabilities and any potential customization options available to you.

    @Srini Bellam Are you looking to enter an enhancement request to see if Oracle changes the length of the field in a future release or are you asking if it is possible to change it in your system?

    For an enhancement request the tool to enter the request can be found here:

    As to changing it in your own system it can technically be done but that field is used in more than one location and there would impact system wide, but it is technically possible but not recommended.

    I hope this was helpful!

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