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    Using Delivered Pivot Grid in HCM.

    I am looking into using the delivered Pivot Grids in PeopleSoft HCM. We are on tools 8.59.07. It almost appears these pivot grids queries are pointing to tables that our system does not have populated. Are there processes that have to be run in order to populate these reporting tables?

    Hi @Larry Decker,

    Yes, it is possible that the Pivot Grid queries given by PeopleSoft HCM point to tables that are not filled in your system. Certain processes may be required to populate these reporting tables.

    PeopleSoft HCM Pivot Grid queries are often based on data from the HCM transaction tables. The data in these tables are often extracted and translated into a format that Pivot Grids can use. This is typically accomplished through the usage of Application Engine programs.

    If you think that your system's Pivot Grid queries are not pointing to the correct tables or that the reporting tables are not populated, you should evaluate your system's setup to see if the essential processes have been run. Check the logs for any faults or warnings that may have occurred throughout the data extraction and processing process as well.

    Overall, it is critical to ensure that your Pivot Grid queries are pointing to the relevant data and that the appropriate activities to populate the reporting tables have been completed. This ensures that your Pivot Grids are correct and up to date.

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