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    OnBase Interface/Integration with PeopleSoft storage of supporting documentation/attachments

    We have kicked off a brand new implementation of PeopleSoft FSCM for our ministry organization. We also already own and have implemented OnBase as a standalone solution for storage of documents independent of any system.

    We are wondering if anyone has any experience with and/or currently uses OnBase as their document/storage solution directly linked and/or tightly connected to their PeopleSoft application rather than storing attachments directly in the PeopleSoft database.

    We would appreciate having an opportunity to talk to you regarding the experiences and specific setup/interface in place.

    Thank you!

    @Andrea Cameron
    Thank you for the reply and information, Andrea. I appreciate that. We would probably be interested in understanding a bit more. We are looking into leveraging the HTTPs file attachment method described in this MOSC item - Doc ID 1321581.1.

    Would you happen to be attending BluePrint or will someone be attending who would be familiar with the interface with OnBase that we could talk to then?

    Thanks again.

    @Natalie Webb

    Hi Natalie, we use OnBase for document storage. We customized the delivered PeopleSoft attachments functionality in Accounts Payable and General Ledger. This customization does require retrofitting and additional testing every time we update to the latest PeopleSoft Image. At one point we looked seriously reverting back to PeopleSoft delivered attachments. We would have had to maintain both systems or convert all of the historical attachments from OnBase to PeopleSoft.

    Feel free to let me know if you have further questions.

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