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    Maintaining custom related actions on delivered pages

    We are looking to add custom related actions on delivered pages and would like to know how are these maintained? Do the related actions need to be retrofitted during PUM upgrades when the associated delivered component changes?

    Hi @Sharath Reddy,

    JD Edwards users should take maintenance into account when adding custom-related actions to delivered pages during PUM (Package Update Manager) updates. In most cases, if the corresponding supplied component changes during an update, relevant activities should be retrofitted. To make sure your custom-associated actions are still compatible with any updates made to the provided component, you must evaluate and update them.

    The structure or functionality of the provided component might change throughout the upgrade process, which could have an effect on the custom-associated activities. It is advised to extensively test and validate your customizations following the upgrade to make sure they function properly with the revised version of the given component.

    Remember that retrofits could entail revising the relevant action code, changing any impacted data structures or business logic, and testing the functionality once again. To simplify the retrofitting process during upgrades and reduce any potential conflicts or concerns, it's crucial to adhere to best practices and document your changes and associated activities.

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