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    Can anyone explain what does Tree Flattener do for Kibana Reports? What does tree flattener do in relation to the GL to Budget dashboard and GL Controller Metrics? Is this a necessary process?

    Hi @Nithya Soundararajan,

    The Tree Flattener in Kibana Reports is a technique or capability that is used to convert hierarchical or nested data into a flat format. It simply turns data organized in a tree-like structure into a tabular format, with each row representing a unique combination of qualities.

    The Tree Flattener is most often used to manage hierarchical data linked to the GL to Budget dashboard and GL Controller Metrics. The GL to Budget dashboard is commonly used for financial reporting and analysis, and it may include hierarchical data, such as accounts organized into several levels (e.g., categories, subcategories). Hierarchical data pertaining to various metrics and performance indicators may also be included in the GL Controller Metrics.

    In these circumstances, the Tree Flattener technique is required to make the data appropriate for analysis and reporting. It is simpler to deal with data in Kibana Reports when the tree-like structure is flattened into a tabular format. It enables simple data searching, filtering, sorting, and aggregation using SQL-like queries or visualizations.

    Overall, the Tree Flattener is critical in converting hierarchical data into a format that is more suitable for reporting and analysis tools such as Kibana Reports. It improves the capacity to draw insights from complicated datasets by simplifying data processing.

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