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    Advanced Query - Compare Two Fields?

    Is it possible to create an advanced query UDO that compares two fields in the form? Example: In P0411, show records where Invoice Date > GL Date.

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    In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, it is possible to build an advanced query User Defined Object (UDO) that contrasts two form fields.

    For instance, you can build an advanced query UDO in the P0411 form to display data where the Invoice Date exceeds the GL Date. You can do this by taking the following actions:

    • Open the JD Edwards Form Design Aid (FDA) application.

    • Click the "Advanced Query" button in the toolbar after opening the P0411 form.

    • Make a new query and include the fields "Invoice Date" and "GL Date".

    • Insert a new selection criterion where "Invoice Date" is greater than "GL Date" in the query's "Selection" tab.

    • The Advanced Query window should be closed after saving the query.

    • Return to the P0411 form and choose "Add" from the "UDOs" toolbar button.

    • Select the newly formed query as the UDO and save it.

    • With this UDO, you can now utilize the P0411 form to display records where the invoice date is earlier than the GL date.

    Note that this is just an example, and the specific steps and fields used may vary depending on your JD Edwards system and the requirements of your query.

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