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    Good Morning,

    We are attempting to make corrections to our 1095-Cs and when we go to P08119 for our 2016 AIR ID, the Save option (green checkmark) does not appear.  If I select our 2015 AIR ID, the Save option appears.  We have an SR open with Oracle but I thought I'd see if anyone else is having the same issue.


    Cari Phillips

    El Paso County Colorado

    Hi Cari,

    We did see something similar where the green checkmark did not appear while we were trying to make corrections. We found that this happened when our records were missing something for one of the months during the year. We had to go from the summary screen of the P08119 (where all the employees are listed) through the form exit to Offer/Cov Detail and then look up the employee in question using the QBE line for our 2016 AIR ID and make the correction there, or at least populate all the months with data there, and save it. Once that was done we were able to correct or adjust from the P08119 again. I'm not sure that is exactly your issue, but it does sound similar so maybe that will help.

    Good luck!


    Hi Pam,

    Thank you so much for
    responding.  I have looked through our 2016 AIR ID records and
    do not see any blanks, but will delve further on records to make
    sure I didn’t miss anything.  I really appreciate your

    Thank you,


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    Hi Cari,

    In order for any changes to be saved on the P08119, you have to first mark the original transmission with the transmission ID, submission date, and the status of the transmission (Accepted, Accepted with Errors, etc). Do you know if this information was changed before the corrections were attempted?

    Thank you,

    Sara Begley


    [email protected]


    Thank you so  much for responding.  We submitted a Replacement Transmission (had the wrong Software ID originally) and achieved "Accepted with Errors" for 3 of our Tax IDs and "Accepted" for our 4th Tax ID.  We then went into our Review/Edit ACA Transmission Details (P08140) for our Replacement Transmission and updated the IRS Transmission Status to E, Submission Date, and Receipt ID (we subsequently updated our 4 Tax IDs accordingly).  All of our errors are on the 1095-Cs so we do not need to make any correction to the 1094-Cs.  Per Oracle, there is a bug with P08119 but even following their workaround steps to (for example) update a name change on a dependent, we still aren't getting a new row created for the Correction AIR ID with an X in the ACA Corrected Flag (ARCC) field.  Oracle said the new row will show up in F08119/F08120 only and will not show in P08119 due to the bug, but I did not find this to be true.  Only the surname updates on the Original AIR ID.

    Thanks again,


    Hi Cari,

    I am sorry, we did not experince this error. According to the logic of the program, the save button will be hidden for a couple reasons:

    1. If the ACA Corrected Flag has 'X'

    2. If the SPANUSH1 field is greater than 1 and the IRSS is not equal to 'A' or 'E'

    Do you know if the record's SPANUSH1 field is populated? If so, I am not sure in the best way to work around that but it may be a good starting point to research.

    Hoping that Oracle may have a better work around for you!




    I just wanted to give an update to all viewing this thread that Oracle discovered the issue and has created Bug 25682454.

    The issue has to do with the Unique Transmission ID (UTID).  Since we have a Replacement Transmission, its UTID needs to be numerically/alphabetically greater than the Original Transmission's UTID.  In our case, the Original Transmission began with a 3 and the Replacement Transmisison began with a 1.  The logic in P08119 expects the Original to precede the Replacement so that's why the OK button disappears.  We had to SQL in a temporary UTID in F08212 so we just changed the leading 1 to a 4 in the UTID and voile, we can now create and save corrections.  We will restore the F08212 after our changes are made and before building our Correction Transmission.  So, if you have a Replacement Transmisison or a Resubmission Transmission, please take note of the UTID if you run into this issue.

    Good luck to all with your ACA process and thanks to everyone who responded to this thread!


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