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    Match Exception Collaboration Center: Implementation Experiences

    We are reaching out to see if other groups have enabled the Match Exception Collaboration Center (MECC). We are trying to get any feedback on implementing and using this new module: good or bad. We have such a large number of match exceptions each month it is becoming unmanageable to handle these manually within PeopleSoft. On the surface, MECC appears to check all the boxes to drive ownership, workflow, and visibility.

    @Francene Rongione Thank you for the information. One of the discussion points we have noted with the MECC is that there is a performance issue prior to PUM45. We are on PUM42. It is a concern we will have if we implement it. In our current environment, there is no real ownership of Match Exceptions. AP and/or Procurement reach out to teams to resolve, but no one tracks the communication or time it takes to close an exception. The hope with MECC is that we can visualize the owner of each Match Exception, create scheduled communications, and track workflow.

    We have setup this up in production about 2 weeks ago (Jan 2023). Although we tested it for a few months prior to production, we are finding the table AP_MECC_LIST_VW that is used to display the summary page (landing page for MECC) getting very large already. The end users are complaining of the screen changes to be very, very slow. We are working with Oracle to see if there is a way to improve the performance as end users are not wanting to use the MECC product in production.

    We have about 9,000 match exception lines each day (that includes new ones produced each day and lines that have been resolved and move off MECC daily)

    Because we want all buyers and receiving supervisors to see all match exception lines, we had to setup their Define User Preferences with the authority to see all MECC lines. This is the only way they can see vouchers not assigned to them individually or in a match exception group. Due to this need, it bloats the AP_MECC_ASSIGN table and AP_MECC_LIST_VW table.

    We are hoping to find a way to improve performance and still give the end users the access they need.

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