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    Looking for documents on how to make records accessible to PS Query - Build Tables in PS - and Load table data.

    Greetings fellow PeopleSoft-ians.

    I am searching for any procedures or documents on how to do the following:

    1.  Make a record that is currently not accessible in the PS Query tool available to query.  Currently when searching records to query on, the tables I am searching for do not come up.  I can find the tables using SQL Developer but no int PS.  It is not a security issue since I have all rights to the system.

    2.  I am looking to create a table to house archived data from another system.  I have a .csv file that I want to load.  It will be stand alone data and read only.  There will not need to be any relationship to any other tables in the system.  I will want to be able to query off this table.

    3.  I will need to load the .csv data to this new table I'm going to create.  I was thinking of using the Excel to CI load process but, again does anyone have any docs or procedures to do this?  The Excel to CI templates were already created when I started at my company so I have not created one yet.

    NOTE:  I am not uber technical (no development) but I am more the functional administrator with enough technical skills to be dangerous.

    We are on PS 9.2 PUM 15  PT 8.54.23 and we are an IaaS shop.

    Thanks All.

    Mike Bochantin

    Not sure if you've resolved this yet, but one more thing to check is whether a permission list attributed to the user has the query tree name and access node on it

    PeopleTools, then select Security, then select Permissions& Roles, then select Permission Lists and click the Query tab

    ​Click on Access Groups Permissions

    I did run the Query Access List Cache and no banana.  As a test I tried to add REQ_RC_SHIP to several trees and ran the list cache process but is still will not show up when I try to search for the table in the PS Query Tool.

    After you add the tables to the query tree, did you run the Query Access list Cache process?

    Hi Chapel.  Thanks for your quick response.  I have actually added it to several Query Trees under Query Security but it still does not show up.  Is there another process I am missing that needs to be done to make it visible?


    Hi Mike - It sounds like the record you are looking for has not yet been specified on the Query Tree being used for Query security.  I'll defer to others on the best practice for loading the custom table.

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