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    Recurring Billing from JD Edwards

    We are in the planning stages for replacing the systems we currently use for managing our operations.  One of the areas of debate is how to handle accounts receivable.  We have some people in our company that are not big believers in JDE and how it could handle our AR.

    Are there any users of JDE for their AR that has a recurring or subscription type service or billing model that would be willing to show us how they use JDE to manage their AR and billing?

    Hi Carl,

    ​This is contract billing.  Several of the services our business sells are based on providing service or support for a period of time (e.g., a 12-month contract).  We are planning to use the Service Management module.  However, we are not heavy users of JDE AR today so part of our interest is also just see how well cash application works as well.


    Is the transaction like a rental or more like a contract?  I am guessing your focus is less on the service/contract billing of the subscription and just the AR/Financial aspect that is the result of it.  Rental can be a recurring invoice event and probably is most simply done as a straight AR approach.  However, this may not provide enough granularity in the transaction to address consideration of elements such as freight and sales tax.  If you have not already found answers from other SIG members I would be glad to help but need some more details on the nature of the transactions you need to support.  Know that JDE has multiple ways of addressing this and it is really a matter of finding the one that is the best fit for your business.

    You might also want to try asking this to the Real Estate SIG.

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