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    Delivery Hours and JDE Transportation Module

    Our company has a need to specify customer/supplier delivery hours in addition to the requested delivery date for sales orders & purchase orders. We've been noting delivery hours in print messages but are looking for way to store these values in a field that populates on the shipment record so they are more visible to the transportation team in JDE.

    Has anyone had experience with populating the delivery hours on a shipment record based on a default?

    Background - we are on 9.0 with a tools release of 9.1.4 and use the transportation module for all our outbound and inbound shipments.

    We have the same requirement for time fields. We would like to see it on Purchase Orders / Sales Orders. And also on Manufacturing Work Orders. And of course in Cardex. So that it can be seen in Supply and Demand / Trace and Track / etc.

    Also on the Item Branch - it would be nice to have Manufacturing Effective Hours instead of (in addition to) Manufacturing Effective Days.

    We are French Fry / Potato processing company. The plant consumes two truckloads of oil per 24 hours. We would like to stage oil delivery so that both trucks do not show up at the same time.

    So far we don't have a solution.

    On the WO side JDE has time fields - but they are only available for Maintenance/Service Work Orders - not for Manufacturing.

    JDE seems to be working perfectly with dates. But not with time… Maybe I am wrong...

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