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    I want our development team to be able to modify the Open AP report Summary Report (R04413C) to be able to run for a prior date. In essence, it would be similar to running an Income Statement for June 2021 today. The results on the Income Statement for June 2021 should be the same today as when I closed June 2021 (assuming I haven't reopened the period to make other adjusting entries.)

    Our current issue is that the Open AP Report (R044113C) seems to only be accurate at the exact time we close AP for a month. I can't run the report again at a later date and get the same results due to voided payments, voided vouchers, etc.

    I've been able to do this in other financial systems in the past but our development team is unable to achieve it in JDE E1 9.2.

    Has anyone else had success modifying or making a copy of this report that allows you to run the Open AP for a prior period and still get the same results as when it was run a the time AP is closed for a month?

    @Landon Gross Thanks for the information. Our team has tried this already without success. What I'm trying is not to run a forward looking Open AP Report. I'm trying to do a historical report and have the results tie out the same as when AP was originally closed.

    For example, Let's say we have a $1M Open AP balance on 9/30/2021. Subsequently, we void invoice voucher 1for $100K, issue payment for invoice voucher 2 for $50K, void payment for invoice voucher 3 for $25K that was paid prior to 9/30 and the voucher is now back to an open voucher, and void payment and voucher for invoice voucher 4 for $10K.

    What we've experienced is that JDE doesn't produce the same $1M open AP balance for 9/30 if I run it as of today (11/30/21).

    @Kriss Lindell said in Open AP Report:


    Just to confirm this is after you have run the Batch Application R04901A? This is a prerequisite I believe to comparing Open Amounts of Accounts Payable transactions to open amounts in the General Ledger as of a specific date, rather than at runtime.

    Refer to E1: 04: How To Run AP As Of Reports (R04901A, R04413C, R04423C, R04423D) (Doc ID 1400342.1)

    All the best!


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