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    Multiple Companies within one system

    Hello! We are opening up another company (different EIN, payroll, Set ID, etc.) while keeping their records within the same HCM system. There is hot debate over whether these employees at another company should a unique set of Empl IDs or whether the Empl IDs should be shared between the two organizations. Please also note that these employees CAN work for both organizations at the same time as well as jump from one to the other. From the HCM we can see how having two separate empl IDs would be VERY helpful simply for employee record management. However, we are getting a lot of feedback from our IT department and other areas that having a shared empl ID would be the best option. Does anyone have insight on going down this path and the options that worked or didn't work. I really appreciate your time.

    @Aliena Reed
    Hi! We Use two companies, with one EmplID per employee. One company is intended to pay out a supplemental retirement income. We do have several retirees, every year, who come back and work part time jobs, and are paid from both companies simultaneously. We have had no problems with this.

    @Aliena Reed We have multiple companies on one instance of PeopleSoft. Our employees can shift from one company to another, but do not work for more than one company at the same time. We have one Emplid assigned to each individual, and they retain the same Emplid as they move from organization to organization. This makes it easier to follow the employee's history from start to finish. If they term and come back as a rehire, they keep the same Emplid as well.

    @Aliena Reed Hi- we are a company of multiple companies because we operate in a few different industries. From my perspective (25+ years experience on PeopleSoft) I think you would have a great deal of difficulty if you set an employee up with multiple emplid numbers. Peoplesoft is very well built to accommodate an employee working multiple jobs (although often that would be within a single company/institution). We actually do not have employees working for different companies at the same time currently at my employer because my predecessors did not design all of the processes with multiple jobs in mind, but PeopleSoft accommodates multiple jobs well. Employee Self-Service works off of the emplid on psoprdefn. How would you enable them to do Self-Service for both 'identities'? I'm not a payroll person, but I think having multiple identities could cause payroll difficulties. What are you doing on benefits - will one be a primary job and the other be a secondary job?


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