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    Search possibilities within the work order parts list

    Standard JDE has a predefined sorting in the grid for parts list, the P3111 is a fixed long list of components.

    For us as a manufacturing company of coffee machines, parts lists can contain 300 components. Changes are possible, so whenever a component needs a revision or check the long list of components needs to be run thru. The P3121 has the possibility to search for components thru all the parts list, but the revision option links to the P3111. So for changing the parts list we need to go thru the list anyway.

    I want to ask for an enhancement request to have search options in the P3111 with the possibility to revise the found lines. What is the best way?

    Hi Kem,

    ​We are on 9.1, tools 9.1 and planning to upgrade to tools 9.2. I have seen the search feature and it would indeed be a hugh benefit to use that.

    ​However, the current P3121 has the option to search as well but in combination with a parts lists revision the P3111 is still necessary. So whenever we find the corresponding component, when we need to revise the parts list we need to scroll through the P3111 again.

    ​My assumption is that with the search feature the P3111 revision remains identical.

    ​But thanks for your answer.

    I am not sure what release you are on, but there is a new search feature available for JDE E1 apps 9.2 that will likely address your need. A new search category would have to be set up, but the search feature is designed to allow companies to define where and how the search feature is implements.  You can find details here.

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