Future Commitments

    Hi All,

    We currently have our commitment days set to 30. This dates back to 2004 when we implemented, and we haven't changed it since.  Different scenarios come up regularly where we consider either changing this setting or eliminating future commits (set commitment days to 999).  I'm curious to hear from the community, what your commitments settings are, and maybe some of the reasoning.


    Marshall Baird.

    We've discussed that same thing, that ideally we would set commitment days by item.  Or have an opportunity to override commitment days on a sales order.

    We manufacture many of our products, and can turn them in just a few days, but we also have a lot of items that we purchase, some of them from overseas.


    We have several distribution branches and set the number of days on 14. If you use future commitments depends on your logistic model. We have a manufacturing branch that supplies to the different branches. If sales orders commit on stock in time (say 12 day's), but the new delivery time on the item is 3 day's, you could sell your stock immediately. But the system now has no availability.

    I would like to define the future commitment per item, not per branch. Then commitment can be in line with the delivery time of an item, for us from 2-3 day's to 6 weeks.

    When you just want to sell current stock and accept that entered orders in the future block your current deliveries, you can switch off future commitments.

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