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    Automated PeopleSoft User Attestation Process

    Hello Everyone,

    As we are aware, security is becoming increasingly important for many if not all companies. As our company's PeopleSoft Security Team, our job is to ensure that our users have the access that they need. We also have to make sure they do not have access to pages and employees they are not supposed to have access to based on our SOX audit controls.
    Currently, our user attestation process is a manual process. We are looking for ways to automate this process. We do automate granting Self-Service access to new hires. We are looking to go further than that and automate our process of granting users elevated (above self service) access. Do any of the companies you worked with have an automated User Attestation process? Or are there any tools that you know of that can assist with automating this process?

    For example, a user submits an access request form, it goes through an approval process within the system, then the changes are applied automatically based on
    what is listed on the form (who needs the changes and what changes are needed). If the changes cannot be done based on established SOD (Segregation of Duties)
    guidelines, those requests will be looked into further manually. This is something we are looking into.

    Any Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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