Fluid Position Management?

    One of our upcoming projects will be to convert our classic Position Management screens to Fluid. So rather than wait for a conference, I'm inviting feedback here from anyone who has tackled Fluid Position Management. Please share any nuggets you have, surprises or learnings. Thanks!

    @Jeremy Pelley - Thanks for checking in.

    The University of Minnesota has been focused on testing PS HCM Images 38-44, which are scheduled to go live April 2nd if all goes well. (Our testing surfaced some Oracle issues that we needed to address.) We also have some re-engineering work in progress, but our next PS project after Image would be converting from Classic to Fluid Approvals. That's slated for this summer or early Fall 2023. After that, we'll re-visit whether Fluid Position Management still makes sense.

    @Bob Laedtke just checking back in to see how things are going with your projects.

    @Jeremy Pelley Hello Jeremy - No, our Fluid Position Management project got deferred. That effort is still on our product roadmap, but we had to fast-track other critical-path projects that were more pressing:

    1. PeopleTools 8.59
    2. Proof of Vaccination for Employees & later for our Student population
    3. Fluid Benefits Enrollment

    We also moved up our Fluid Approvals conversion timing so that can get implemented before Fluid Position Management. We've got several types of Approvals that will benefit from the shift to Fluid, and some Positions require Approvals as well. So it made more sense for us to convert our Classic Approvals to Fluid before undertaking Fluid Position Management. In the meantime, we're testing & applying HCM Images 38-44 and tackling some process re-engineering projects which will keep our HRMS & technical teams busy.

    Thanks for checking back with us!

    @Bob Laedtke curious if you ever started or how it went.

    @David-Luding Thanks for the heads-up, David. It'll be nice to have these items you listed, when we re-visit Fluid Position Management (hopefully later in 2022). I appreciate you sharing this information with us!

    @Mary Campagna
    Hi Mary -

    Sorry for my delayed response -- my Quest notifications must not be set up right, so I just saw this. We still have Fluid Position Management on our project list, but had to tackle a few other initiatives first (among them, Vaccination Tracking in PS Health & Safety, and Fluid Approvals).

    We also have PeopleTools 8.59 and an HCM Image project in early 2022. So we may not be able to tackle Fluid Position Management until later in 2022. However, I'd love to hear how things are going with your project!

    @Bob Laedtke Curious to hear how your project is going to convert to fluid position management? We are about to tackle the same thing. thanks!

    @Bob Laedtke I am a consultant who is putting Fluid Position Management with Position Dept Budgeting, and have noticed three things. First, the Job Drop Zones are not in Position Data, and so I ask when those are going to be added? Two, if you are not tied to Commitment Accounting and/or PS Fin Budgets, is there a Drop Zone on that page that will allow us to tie to a third party system. Lastly, there is no Excel to CI load process to get the Position Budget information into PS like there is for Position Data.
    I am currently creating a Staging record that is a Job to Position back generation position, several staging records for all of the Recruiting Systems both active postings as well as proposed in approval. In excel, I am trying to auto-generate the position number assignment, and then assigning the Position Reports To, and only using VLOOKUP, it is difficult. If anyone has a better suggestion, please send it my way.
    Thanks and have a great day.
    David L

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