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    Removal of Obsolete Supplier/Bidder Registration or Change Requests

    For those of you using Strategic Sourcing and/or Supplier OnBoarding / Supplier Change Request functionality, we are looking to add the capability to remove Requests that are no longer valid. To help us with the scope and capabilities of this feature, we would like your input to the following questions:

    • Is it acceptable to limit the removal option for a request to only those in a Draft (Registration) or Save (Change Request) status? These would be requests that exist prior to being Submitted by the user (External or Internal)?

    • If the answer to the above is no, we assume that means that you can have Submitted requests that may no longer be valid. What additional request statuses should we allow to be removed? Please provide a couple of use cases or examples.

    • Our original intent was that the Removal action would only be performed by an internal user (ex. Supplier Administrator). Should we also allow the Requester (Internal or External User) the ability to Cancel (Remove) their Request - as an action with the Registration or Change Request Trainstop? If yes, should the Requester be limited to only Draft or Saved (not yet Submitted) Requests?

    Thank you for you input.

    Chris Pieczynski (Oracle/PeopleSoft SRM Functional Analyst)

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