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    Orchestrator FTP connector from CSV - Wrong data in Sales Order due to cross reference

    We have problems using Orchestration FTP connection from CSV to create Sales Orders
    We receive from the customer 1 file with order lines adn we have to create 1 singole Sales order.
    The Order lines in csv hare the customer item number. It means that we need to cross reference the item number with internal cross reference through F4104 and , because if it, we have to read on F4104 table. Doing ths, we miss the iteration between data set variable from csv connector and service request for sales order entry, the last item number creoss read in F4104 cross reference is the only item number entered in sales order lines.

    The result is that the iteration doens't work well and wrong records are created in sales order; all the lines with the last item number read from csv.

    We tried to create an orchestration to cross reference and create the sales order at single line level, and this orchestrator is lauched and iterated from the main orchestration that starts with ftp connector.

    But in this case, stille we have the problem that, for each order line, we have different orders.

    The fact is that, whenever you have between the ftp connector and the sales order service request, to cross reference an information through another table, you lose the possibility to create one single order by single file.
    This is something that doesnt' matter having the feature for array for header and lines coming from new 9.2.5 tool release

    Does anyone experienced something similar to this?

    Thank you very much.

    Alessandro Busi

    @Alessandro Busi Very late to reply to this topic and hopefully you were able to find a solution. If not, this is the solution I have found that works.

    I have had similar instances and found that consuming the CSV with a groovy script to sort rows based on the order number (or other identifier) works. Once sorted into an new array with order lines separated you can iterate over this new array to enter multiple lined orders.

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