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    PeopleSoft Application Reporting - Active DataGuard Verses Golden Gate


    Seeking Advice:

    We are looking for the advice on the PeopleSoft Application, in particularly offloading PS Queries and Reports from OLTP database to standby database and also, we have HCM, FSCM, CRM and HUB PeopleSoft applications.

    Do anyone have similar setup and used any replication technology be either active dataguard or GoldenGate and what are your experience and do you have any suggestions for us.

    Zafrulla Khan
    ERP Architect


    This section discusses how to:

    Select reports.

    Specify report parameters.

    Specify where and when to run reports.

    Select output formats and set report distribution

    Run Controls

    When you want to run a report, you must tell the system when and where you want it to run. For example, you might tell the system to run the report on the database server at midnight or on a Windows server every Sunday afternoon, or make it available immediately in your browser. For most reports, you also must set parameters that define the content of the report, such as the business unit or time period on which to report.

    A run control is a database record that provides values for these settings. Instead of entering the same values each time that you run a report, you create (and save) a run control with those settings. The next time that you run the report, you select the run control and the system fills in the settings.

    Run Control IDs

    Each run control that you create receives a unique run control ID. These IDs are product-specific. Refer to your PeopleSoft product documentation for details about the run control IDs that you will be using. When you select a report to run, the system prompts you for a run control ID. If you are in Add mode, enter a new ID for the run control that you are about to define. If you are in Update/Display mode, enter an existing run control ID or click the Search button and select from the list of available run control IDs.

    To select a report:

    Select the required PeopleSoft application menu item, for example, selectProcess Financial Information, then selectMaintain Ledgers.

    Select Report and then click the required report name.

    When you select a report name, you can choose from these two actions:

    Add a new run control ID.

    Select an existing run control ID.

    Lavanya Sreepada ( PeopleSoft HRMS Training Expert )

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