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    EProcurement Supplier Punch-out's - Looking to connect with people that have implemented

    Hi there. I'm looking to connect with other users who have successfully implemented eProcurement punch-outs (cXML) to a Supplier, or successfully manage a Supplier supplied catalog in their system on an on-going (or recurring) basis. We are looking at the option of implementing punch-outs, but we are not externally facing, which poses an issue with using the delivered Integration Broker services for the Supplier communication. Any insight is much appreciated.



    We currently have punchout with OfficeMax- moving to Office Depot in the next few months.

    We punchout to their website, we do not manage the catalog- they do. I believe our Procurement folks may have helped define the items visible on the website and then manage compliance on the backend.

    We then send PO's created through integration broker to Oracle Supplier Network and receive invoices back through OSN into Integration Broker.

    I do know we had to allow their website through the firewall and implement some additional security. It's been working well until we upgraded to PS 9.2, it seems integration broker is having some issues showing invoices in error- not really showing in error.

    I found some posts and documents on MOS about Loading Marketplace Catalog Items into PeopleSoft eProcurement- maybe that's what you're looking for?

    • Download supplier flat files.

    • Extract data from a CUP file.

    • Export CUP data.

    • Load CUP files.

    • Define item import defaults.

    • Validate and process imported items.

    • Edit imported item categories.

    • Maintain imported item statuses.

    • Load Marketplace items


    Wendy Jamison

    KCP&L - PeopleSoft Support

    Stacy or Monica, is there a technical contact that you can get me in touch with? We are looking to do a punch-out to Office Depot.

    We have implemented Admiral Express as our punchout for office supplies and all is well as long as you have a strong acounts payable deparment and are able to work out the ERS and invoicing options, that is where my struggle is right now.

    I'm curious what to do when a supplier will not do a punchout option. We do quite a bit with Uline and they told me they will not do a punchout? What have others done in this situation?

    Awesome, thanks for your response! Our supply chain portal is not externally facing, so that poses a challenge. At this point we aren’t sure if we are going to implement punch-outs or not based on that. We may got down the FTP route and have Office Max push a file to us once a week. As I know more, I’ll check back in. I appreciate the response!

    We currently have one punchout implemented with Staples.  We are using integration broker to send messages including 850's and 810's.  I wasn't involved in the original implementation but I'm willing to research and get more specific info for you.

    I'm curious to know what other suppliers others have setup as punchouts with and how successful their implementations were.

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