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    Need recommendation: consultant for an Accounts Payable 'healthcheck'

    We're looking for a US consultancy firm with expertise in using PeopleSoft for accounts payable functions. Can you recommend anyone?

    Thanks, Leonie

    Leonie Fedel‍ Hello Leonie, We recently conducted a Health Check for a large healthcare provider and a large Non-Profit organization to review their P2P processes (among other things) and helped them identify areas where they could leverage PeopleSoft to improve, optimize and enhance functionality with what they already owned. We also recently worked with a Education client to help them streamline P2P workflow using the latest AWE and Fluid Approvals. If you would like to have a further discussion on this, please feel free to contact me.

    Oracle does provide a free service called Insight (not sure if it is still called that) and that provides an assessment of your overall implementation. I am not sure if they go into specific issues you may be facing to give you point solutions but as Alicia suggested, it is one avenue to pursue.

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you Alicia. We had an Oracle rep come to do a very helpful healthcheck of our procurement functions earlier this year, however initial inquiries with Oracle didn't result in anything similar for accounts payable functions. We'll revisit with our sales person.

    You may want to start with your Oracle sales person first. We had Deb Brown from Oracle come in to do a similar health check several years ago. Especially, if you are looking at what new features you should start using.

    Mainly to look at available versus used features - what features/efficiencies are we not taking advantage of that PeopleSoft offers for AP functions? Also are we setup/configured in alignment with best practices.



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