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    BI Publisher Check Printing

    We are in the process of converting our checks from Crystal Reports to BI Publisher reports in our new 9.2 8.54 PUM 20 environment using the CHECK1 layout. I was able to adjust the layout to fit our needs in the PDF output.  I am now in the process of trying to send the output to a M603 printer directly so that it can resolve the signature with the PCL encoding (was using EAP: Is the Accounts Payables Pay Cycle Check available through XML Publisher? [ID 1145129.1]  as a guide).  When I send the output to the printer directly, the layout does not fit on the paper and almost looks like it is skewed to the right and up.  I checked with Troy to see if I am using the correct printer driver and they confirmed that I was.  I tried shifting the layout on the x axis via the printer and via the BI Publisher settings to see if the image was positioned correctly.  The image did move, but it cut it off at the same place.  So, I was thinking it was related to the PDF to PCL conversion.  I opened a case with Oracle and they suggested using the PS format instead of the PCL format.  The PS format was a lot better on the printer output and I have the layout fitting now.  However, the PCL encoding is not resolving and is printing as plain text.  Oracle was thinking that other customers have run into this same thing and were able to get the encoding to work with the PS output.  I have searched on MOS and the web, but could not find anything.  Has anyone run into this before with the PS output or were able to get the PCL output to work?  I also tried it with the CHECK3 layout and it behaved the same way.  It is almost like this is a global setting across all reports.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hi there.  We recently converted from Crystal to BI Publisher (using PUM 13 PT 8.54) and had issues getting the PCL to engage on the checks.  We had the issue that the pay cycle selection criteria preferences had to be set to PCL…they were originally set to PDF under the Crystal check printing.  Not sure if that'll help, but if you have additional setup questions, feel free to forward on.

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