W4 2020 Filing Status

    Has anyone started testing new functionality for 2020 W4 changes after having Vertex 4.3.3 and ESU JN17470 installed? Per IRS and Oracle, there should only be three marital status for 2020 and per both IRS and Oracle employees who were hired prior to 2019, no changes need to be made to Tax Overrides in JDE. Per Oracle document ID 2617858.1 the filings status that should be used are A - Married Filing Jointly, J - Single or Married Filing Separately and H - Head of Household. Today, most of our employees are setup with marital status of S - Single or M - Married and not A, J or H. Therefore when running some various test cases found that when changed an employee marital status from S - Single to J - Single or Married Filing Separately that there was a big difference in tax calculation, Oracle has been able to duplicate this issue but currently waiting for development and BUG to be issued. In addition when changed employees from the marital status of M - Married to A - Married Filing Jointly saw a significant difference in taxes as well. In addition, when tried to use any of the new fields in new Tax Overrides (P060120) found that populating the value in any of the new fields that this made a difference with tax calculations. I have asked Oracle for better documentation other than what they provided in document ID 2617858.1 as to exactly what each of the new fields represent and how they are to function within EnterpriseOne and with Vertex as I mentioned in prior statement seemed like when I populated value in any of the fields it made no difference in tax calculation. In addition, I have asked Oracle if they are saying that we do not need to make changes to current marital status and do for new hires then why is there a difference in taxes for an employee who has the martial status of S vs J or M vs A when in my opinion there really shouldn't be. I wanted to see if anyone has started testing and seeing any differences? Thank you for your time!

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