New Form W-4 1/1/2020

    Will the new W-4 coming and effective 1/1/20 be available in an update for 9.0? Additionally, is there any insight on how the new form will work within JDE. My understanding is the new form for currently employees is NOT required, and therefore JDE will need to allow for administration of both W4 forms. The current obviously relies heavily on allowances where the new form does not rely on allowances.

    @Keith Sholes Yes that does provide more information that I had, so thank you. An additional question regarding that. We do not utilize the Self Service W-4, our payroll staff record the current W-4 elections on the National/Fiscal and Tax Override applications related to the employee. Will these applications that I mentioned have places or updates to accommodate the new W-4 requirements.

    Thanks - Cade

    @Cade Norman
    Application release 9.0 went into sustaining support November 2018. The last year end updates for 9.0 were delivered for the 2018 year end.
    For companies with U.S. employees, the Employee's Withholding Allowance Form W-4 will be updated for 2020 for release 9.1 and 9.2. In the new W-4 form, now titled Employee’s Withholding Certificate, employees have the option to disclose new values which help make withholdings more accurate. Withholding allowances have been discontinued. The W-4 form for the Employee Self-Service program now provides new fields for entering the new values. The existing (2019 and prior) W-4 forms are still effective as employees are not required to submit new W-4 forms. As a result, two parallel methods are supported for calculating the Federal tax withholding amount.
    Hope that helps...

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