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    We are testing the form functionality in PS and I was wondering if anyone in the PS community has utilized this feature and if they can share good/bad.  One of the sessions I attended at Reconnect this year discussed the pro's and con's (easy to build vs limited visibility) and while this is true I was wondering if users found this functionality useful or cumbersome.



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    While Form Builder is helpful to move from Excel based forms to Online PeopleSoft forms, it has many limitations. It is built within PeopleSoft, so in order to integrate a form to other non-PeopleSoft applications, you may have to write custom interfaces. The workflow capabilities are limited thus far and the forms and approval builder process could use an overhaul in terms of usability. A good alternative to consider would be a cloud based solution such as Oracle Process Cloud. Process Cloud Service gives users drag and drop capabilites to create forms, add start and end points, include approval steps and the form data is secure and can be integrated to any application, not just PeopleSoft using Integration Cloud Service. Form attachments can be securely stored online using Document Cloud. Once a form is created in Process Cloud, a link to the form can be placed anywhere on your Company Portal for example, and users don't need to login to PeopleSoft to complete a form.

    While Forms and Approval Builder works well for PeopleSoft related forms, a modern Cloud Based solution such as Process Cloud is the way to go for moving all manual form based processes to automated processes using Cloud.

    We have configured it for a major insurance firm to raise requests for Corporate Cards . The fact that it can quickly be routed for approvals and the approval history can be retained in the system from audit perspective adds a great value. Any time a formal request and review process is required Form Builder is the way to go.


    We are beginning to use the Forms Utility in 9.1, so I can share my experience thus far.  It is indeed very easy to use. I am a hybrid user (functional with some technical mixed in), but I am by no means a coder/developer, and I had no problem figuring out how to use the utility.  I found it can be tricky to line up two columns correctly, and I have found no way to copy a form once it has been created and needs to be changed.  I have to start from scratch and recreate the whole thing because only certain fields can be redesigned.  The tool is limited in what it can do, so we have had to rethink our business process on some minor things in order to make use of the tool.  One of my colleagues is working with the CI aspect, so I am excited about utilizing that functionality.

    We are viewing it right now mostly as a control repository to replace requests made by email or Excel and to keep those requests and approvals in one location.  As we get comfortable with CI, I feel like our use of it will increase.

    I hope this helps.


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