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    9.2 Sales Order P4210

    Looking for input on best practice to clone P4210 or modify P4210. We want to take updates to stay current and are looking for input on modifying P4210 - mods are required to meet our business needs.

    @Bradley-Landsbaum I do agree with Bradlay. There are so many interconnections with this major transaction that I recommend to apply the customization on the standard even if it means more work. Mathieu (France)

    For new customization in 9.2, I've followed the path of performing them directly to base. The spec merge tools have come a long way since earlier releases. If you create a custom 55-59 object, and Oracle sends out bug fixes that have to be applied to base, you end up applying the fix to both the custom object and standard object. Then you have to determine the impact to both.

    @Evanet-Gallant my recommendation is that you make sure you cover all dependencies and plan for future, for example if you will do EDI or use case management. Sales order application is very complex and interacts with many other systems.


    Hi Evanet,

    The best practice to clone the application P4210 is following:

    1. Copy the application to P554210 and the processing options template to T554210.
    2. Create a version of P554210, for example TEST0001 and set up the required processing options.
    3. Create a version of P4210 with exactly same name TEST0001 and same set of processing options as step 2.
      When you run the application P554210|TEST0001 it looks at the processing options for application ER logic, whereas it looks at the processing options of P4210|TEST0001 when it calls the master Business function. The reason for that is the business functions are hard coded with the application name P4210.
      Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Pradeep Vasa

    @Evanet-Gallant What are the mods? That may have some impact on the decision.

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