Job Requisition Number

    We want to track the job requisition an employee was hired from. Is there a field outside of the Recruiting group where we can store the job requisition number? We don't use PeopleSoft Recruiting but would like to store the requisition number from the other system in HCM at the employee level.

    @Phil-Hoskins Thank you for taking the time and providing suggestions. I like all of them, and I agree the last option we would not do.

    @Melody-Smith, It sounds like you have an external system and you want to store that requisition number in PeopleSoft HCM.

    If you don't mind customization, you can obviously create a custom record/page to track the exact information from the source system. This customization would be minor and not impact any delivered functionality (i.e record/pages). This would be considered a bolt-on customization.

    If you want to utilize something existing you could insert the information into the GENL_COMMENT record without any setup. Another option would be to use the Job Data Notepad (HR_NP_NOTE) to store the job requisition number.

    I think it would be possible to store it in a Profile if you're using Profile Management. Maybe utilize a Checklist Item.

    The last option (and I would never recommend this but I have seen it done) would be to is to repurpose a delivered field that's the same length say JOB.ELIG_CONFIG9 if you're not using Ben Admin or JOB.GP_ELIG_GRP if you're not using Global Pay. You might have to add a new custom default label and remove a lookup but in this case, you're not modifying the structure of the delivered record.

    Regardless. Good luck!

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