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    Form 1099 Misc - PO Receipts -Update Payment Information Receipt - GL Method

    I need some help from the users group for JDE. Especially the Enterprise One users. I am utilizing E19.1 version. I have identified a bug issue in the process of generating 1099MISC utilizing the GL method. This same issue the Service Desk have verify that it is an issue with the software. However, Oracle “Development has determine that this bug, both iterations of it are categorized as enhancements.” There recommend that I reach out to the user’s group to see how they are handling this issue for Year End in AP. Bug 25551370 1009: Update Payment Information-Receipt.

    The Update Payment Information -Receipt Report Summarizes order lines by Receipt Document No., All lines in the document is summarizes and the TX record is recorded to the F0911 utilizing the account number of the last line in the order regardless of whether all lines affect the different GL Accounts. In APR case the line summary cause a miss-statement of the Form 1099 Misc.

    I am writing as I am hoping you might be able to reach out to the user group to see what method they utilize for 1099 Misc. AP or GL? If GL do they have purchase orders for services that they process through receipt and 3 way AP Voucher Match? According to Oracle not many users utilize the GL Method.

    If you utilize the GL Method for this process., please write in and advise Oracle the need for the process to change and identify your software version for JDEdwards.

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