User Testing Agreement with upgrade

    Does your company incorporate a User Testing Agreement when upgrading? We would like the Business to sign off on testing their modules when we upgrade. Has anyone incorporated such a document? If so how was it worded?

    @Kate Casey thank you. Yes that is the goal to place more responsibility on the Business. However in addition to the of signing each script by users, I am looking to have a general sign off by the department head. Thank you for your response!

    @Andrew Ostdiek thank you! Yes we currently have the Business sign off on the spreadsheet of tasks that were tested. I would like to use something a little more formal this time around. Thank you for your response!

    @Martina Aiken

    We have used different approaches in different projects. Having a User Testing Agreement or similar document is good as it encourages the Business to take ownership/responsibility. In practice, I have found that sign off of the individual test script results is very useful to spread the responsibility and provides the person who will sign off with good information; together with any outstanding issues and how these are being managed.

    @Martina Aiken,

    We never had a specific agreement document in place during out last two upgrades, but for both of them, we had the Business sign off on testing processes. The first upgrade involved signing off on a spreadsheet with tasks assigned to departments and users, and the second upgrade was a little more in depth with some test scripts, project help desk tickets, and ad hoc information.

    I'm not sure if that is what you were looking for. It has not been a perfect approach, but each time it uncovered issues that we were able to resolve or mitigate in order to keep the upgrade project on deadline.... and as expected, there were processes and functionality which the Business did not test and became problematic after Go-Live.


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