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    Add sales orders in mass in JDE

    Is there a way to create orders in JDE in mass? Either in JDE itself or a 3rd party tool?

    @Martin Chevalier
    Hi Martin -
    I am not familiar enough with the JDE Blanket orders to answer. I thought creating a release off a blanket is not really less work than creating individual SOs, it just keeps them "linked" with the same PO.

    As for Cydney's response, 10,000 mass orders sounds like a daunting task for a user. I would need to understand more about the process. I'm sorry I don't know what a "GA" is (not a standard JDE doc type) - perhaps some government contract? There must be some difference between these 10,000 orders - is it billing entity? item? date?

    @Tammy Gaston that is a good point, it would be users looking to create orders in mass. So, let's say we have a 10,000 GA contract, and we are looking to make 100 x 100 GA orders.

    @Cydney Green
    Hi Cydney - It depends if this is an IT task, or you want a user to do it.
    Here's how I would start: Use P47010 to add one Order data - the minimum data you need to complete the order.
    Then, check the F47011, F47012, and other F47 EDI Purchase Order Inbound tables, to see where it put data.
    You can continue to use P47010 if a user is going to type in all orders. Or, you can use the database to populate the data in appropriate tables.
    When all data is populated, run R47011 to create Sales Orders.
    For example, the minimum you might need is a Customer # and PO# in F47011, and Item # and Quantity in F47012.
    You will of course need the Key fields data to keep the Header & details aligned (like Company #, EDI Document #, Line numbers in details, etc.)
    Whether you use the P47010 or database insert, you will need a unique "EDI Document #" for each order - this is not the final SO#, it is just to keep the data organized.
    This is greatly simplifying what could be a complicated process, but I hope it will help get you started.

    • Tammy
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