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    ACH Payment Process

    We need to implement ACH payments with Fifth Third Bank. We're currently producing payment records using the P04571 and entering the information directly into their system. We need to produce the CTX formatted file to send to them.
    I've read through the Oracle document for setting up the payment files but I'm not clear on what steps need to be in place to make the process work. I'd like to hear from someone who has experience with taking the payment records from P05471 and knows that the process is to get them to produce the file.

    I appreciate any insights.
    Version 9.2 update 2

    @Kelly-Read Hello Kelly,

    Our team has worked with both JD Edwards and payments for many years, including ACH payments. We may have an approach that can meet your needs. Feel free to email me at


    Jerry van Dalen

    @Kelly-Read said in ACH Payment Process:

    Fifth Third Bank.

    Hi Kelly,

    Another insight.
    It is also possible to use standard software like APRO Cloud Solutions (module APRO Banking Gateway) to create any file format requested by your bank. This product includes over a 1.000 formats and can be used globally.

    Up to your choice you can automatically let APRO:

    1. Select the current payment data file created in JDE and create the bank file format (CTX) you need and send it back to you. So you can upload it in your electronic banking product of your bank.
    2. Select the current payment data file created in JDE and create the bank file format (CTX) you need and send it to the server of the bank.
      If your bank requires encryption, hashing, etc. this is also possible.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,
    Willem van Wijngaarden

    @Kelly-Read We have developed some customized application working with standard JDE application to handle Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) process to send/receive XML files to a bank. The process runs well for more than 3 years now. If you like to know more about the process feel free to contact me at Regards, --Harry


    Hi Kelly,

    I believe I can help, having implemented ACH solution for several organizations. Interested, you can contact me at


    I think I can help with that. I read documents and went through the process and struggled.
    I made good notes on what I had to do to get things to work.
    I would be happy to share - email me directly and I can share my documentation

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