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    Chartfield Expense Mapping

    We are getting the error "The chartfield combination chosen is not valid (2000,203)" when trying to do "Chartfield Expense Mapping" in HCM.

    This is the first time a new business unit has been created since the financial system upgraded to 9.2. HCM is on 9.1. The business unit and deptids were established in the financial system and IB'd to HCM. Setid, Set Control, and security was done in HCM. Finance loaded the new combo codes and BUD003.sqr was run, populating the "PS_VALID_COMBO_TBL". Everything looks good there. But when Payroll tries to do the mapping (Setup HRMS > Product Related > Payroll for NA > GL Interface > Chartfield Expense Mapping) it's a no-go. They are able to get through the search page (add a new value) to the "Earnings Mapping" page and click on "Edit Chartfields" to supply account code, fund, deptid. But the "okay" becomes an "oh no" with message (2000,203). Does anyone have any insight / experience that might shed some light on this? Thanks much. Pam Perry, State of Vermont

    @Libby Valentine The issue is still outstanding today. Oracle Support has been of no help. We ended up deleted rows in the BU_COMB_TBL that correspond to ledger group different from COMBOCF.

    @Pamela Perry We have departments defined under multiple setIDs. I was trying to add a combination for a new department and got the same error. I finally figured out if I added the department to our shared setID (which is actually not in use for departments except apparently by the edit here....) it would save and all was well. I'm sure you solved this by now - was it a setID issue?

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