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    Can JDE use a Dymo Printer

    Our users are looking to create labels out of JDE for test results and have them print directly to a Dymo printer. Are there any limitations to printers that JDE can print to? Is a Dymo printer one that someone has used before?

    @Cydney Green - it is possible to print directly from JDE to a Dymo Printer without any special software (use "Line Printer"). The issue is that it is difficult to get the report lined up using RDA. JDE is capable of sending all the correct setup strings to the printer. If you just need one form to print; maybe it would be worth the effort to create it with JDE tools only. If you are doing dozens of different forms, you will probably want a 3rd-party product to make life easier.

    We use a font to print straight out of JDE. You don't need a third-party. You just need to install a barcode font on all the batch servers. Then you can use that font in RDA. We use it on internal work order print where we do not need a logo or anything fancy.
    For more complex reports we use Create!Print. It also prints barcodes. Create!Print is a third-party similar to Bartender mentioned above.

    @Lisa Tran Thank you for your help on this-- this helps a lot!

    @Cydney Green
    I am not aware of a way to print directly.

    @Lisa Tran This is great information, thank you for letting me know what you used. Currently we have users using Reports Now to generate a report that is scheduled to a folder. Then when the label is needed, they go to that folder and print them from excel.

    So right now, we have a work around-- I'm trying to figure out if it is worth getting the labels to print straight out of JDE or not. I assume based on that you had to use a 3rd party for both instances, that it is not possible to do directly out of JDE?

    @Cydney Green

    We used to print to dymo printers from JDE over 5 years but we had to use a 3rd party software. Sorry, I don't remember what it was called but tt was limited in what it could do, temper mental and had yearly fees. We dropped it during an upgrade and got some licenses for Bartender, we print to small labels on a zebra now. the bartender licenses are not too bad and it gives you a lot of flexibility to print multiple things out of JDE. Zebras are very mainstream and have a lot of label sizes.

    Bartender works by monitoring a directory for a .csv file, merging the data to a template created with bartender tools and then printing. since jde can easily output to .csv it is easy to accomplish.

    There are also other companies out there the do similar things, but I don't know how to print directly to label type printers.

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