Multiple deductions for one deduction code

    Multiple deductions for one deduction code

    Original post:   Heidi Schlotter, WestJet

    We have an number of parking codes and the amounts are charged by location across Canada.  Is there a way to have one code (instead of multiples 20 ) to achieve this.  I believe that this would solve issues when people are transferring to one location from another. Thanks


    Sarah Mills, EmeraldCube Solutions

    Hi Heidi, Are the amounts the same across locations? And these are deductions, correct? So you are deducting from Gross Wages (post tax probably) and issuing payment to the various parking authorities? It seems like the main difference would be the vendor you remit the deducted amounts to. Am I looking at the issue correctly? Sarah

    Nancy Hilary, LOGIS

    Hi - If your locations are separated by Union Codes, you can use Group Plan DBA Setup and enter the rate on that setup. You can also set your Payee at this level as well. MCUO Job Location is available in P07901 however that may be too risky with no way of assigning Payee.

    Hi Heidi,

    You don't need to set an amount at the PDBA level, you can leave it blank and put the amount in the Employee or Group DBA setup, that way you only need to use one code for all.

    Andrew Gatensby

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