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    How can i find APIs for different Oracle APPS module?

    I am just a beginner in Oracle APPS Technical. And I am facing difficulty for identifying the appropriate API for a particular requirement Lets say create a sales order. I googled it and I found a package called "oe_order_pub" that is used for creating a sales order. So my question is how to identify appropriate package among multiple packages?

    Hi @priyanka makke

    You can use the methods below to locate the proper Oracle Apps API for a particular need, such as placing a sales order:

    • Recognise the module: Choose the Oracle Apps module that best meets your needs. It would be the Order Management module in this instance.

    • Examine the Oracle documentation: Go to the relevant module's official Oracle documentation. Oracle has thorough documentation that covers all of the packages, APIs, and features.

    • Find pertinent packages: Look for interfaces or packages that correspond to the functionality you want. In this instance, use the Order Management module to look for packages associated with sales orders.

    • Read package descriptions: Look at the written and visual materials for the products you've chosen. Search for package names that seem to fit your needs. Note the information in the documentation about the purpose and usage.

    • Examine available methods and parameters in the package: After locating a pertinent package, examine the methods and parameters that are included in that package. Search for techniques that are applicable to the tasks you wish to complete, such as producing a sales order.

    • Verify examples and sample code: Look through Oracle documentation or other reputable sources for examples or sample codes. These examples might provide you with further information on how to use the particular API or package for your needs.

    You may find the right package or API for a certain requirement inside the Oracle Apps modules by following these steps and using Oracle's documentation and resources. For accurate and current information, always turn to reputable and authorized sources.

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    Thank you.

    @priyanka makke
    There are various integration methods that may be appropriate based on the use case. I assume you have a different order entry front end and you want those orders to be added in JDE. The simplest way is to leverage the JD Edwards Orchestrator. Within the orchestrator their is a Process Recorded that allows you to record the process of adding an order in the JDE application. The result of the recording is a REST API with it's endpoint that you can connect to from your third party order entry process. Learn more at specifically the Creating your First Orchestration Tutorial on the Orchestrator page.

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