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    How do you manage E1 Page

    Just checking to see how you are managing E1 pages.
    I know in JDE you can manage which user/role have access to which E1 page from P009502.
    But what is the content within the E1 page. Like JDE menu had full reporting to see all detail within menu.

    I started managing in Excel to have all the object list within e1 page and have a master E1 page list with all objects within.

    @Abir Mannan Hi Abir... we launched with JDE at version 9.1 so we made the decision early on to use pages rather than custom menus. What we have done is create pages with specific groups of programs to match "Roles". Those roles pretty much only have access to that page... nothing else (we use other roles to grant access to programs and actions).

    That works well... to manage Pages (which is what you are really asking)... you need to use the Page Generator... Excel can't do it... We are currently use the 4.01 version although we know 5 exists. You can download that from JDE support site. There are other details involved but bottom line is the pages are set up in TXT files and for the most part manually uploaded and published (to specific environments). There is documentation on the Generator on the support site as well. Feel free to reach out if you still have questions. Hope this helps. Mike & Suzie

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