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    Using Fluid Tiles & Navigation Collections to Classic Screens?

    Which PS HCM customers have setup Fluid Tiles & Navigation Collections to reach classic PS pages?

    We're upgrading to PeopleTools 8.56 in June 2019 and will implement new Homepages, Navigation Collection Tiles, and Universal Navigation (across multiple PS products). So looking ahead, I'd like to network with other PS HCM peers who have done this, to compare notes & share learnings.

    For example, we have some PS screens setup to display Related Content on far right of page. We discovered those Nav Collection links didn't work properly until we configured link to open in New Tab/Window.

    Our initial rollout just focused on Nav Collection tiles, so we wanted to hear how people have leveraged different types of Tiles on their Homepages?

    @Bob Laedtke Hi Bob - We upgraded to 9.2 last summer and implemented fluid navigation with custom homepages and tiles. Nearly all of the tiles go to custom navigation collections, with a combination of fluid and classic content. I wasn't personally involved in the design/build of the navigation, but can get you in touch with those team members.

    Melissa Simpson - Weyerhaeuser

    @Bob Laedtke Hi Bob, my team upgraded both our FSCM and HCM applications to 8.56 last year and we implemented Fluid homepages and navigation collection tiles but not universal navigation. We created custom Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service and Administrator homepages. Each homepage has tiles that link to a Fluid navigation collection. You may already be aware of this page but I found the Fluid UX Standards page to be a great reference during our transition to Fluid. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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